DIT Dilemmas

The complete DIT-1 consists of six dilemmas, as follows: (1) Should Heinz steal a drug from an inventor in town to save his wife who is dying and needs the drug? (2) Should a man who escaped from prison but has since been leading an exemplary life be reported to authorities? (3) Should a student newspaper be stopped by a Principal of a high school when the newspaper stirs controversy in the community? (4) Should a doctor give an overdose of pain-killer to a suffering patient? (5) Should a minority member be hired for a job when the community is biased? (6) Should students take over an administration building in protest of the Vietnam war? The short form of DIT-1 consists of only the first three stories.

The complete DIT-2 consists of five dilemmas: (1) a father contemplates stealing food for his starving family from the warehouse of a rich man hoarding food; (2) a newspaper reporter must decide whether to report a damaging story about a political candidate; (3) a school board chair must decide whether to hold a contentious and dangerous open meeting; (4) a doctor must decide whether to give an overdose of pain-killer to a suffering but frail patient; (5) college students demonstrate against U.S. foreign policy.